Whether you live in a heavily populated area or just want a little extra protection for your garage space, security measures are always a valid investment. From peace of mind to convenience to financial stability, they’re relatively affordable options that do a big job!

That being said, investing in redundant security features does nothing but drain your pocketbook. You thus need comprehensive, not uneven, coverage, and you need it to work in synergy with the garage door features you already have. What’s the right garage door security system for you?

Door Power of Norwood is here to help. Our garage door repair and garage door installation team would be happy to meet and discuss your options, and since we know all aspects of your garage door like the backs of our hands, you know you’ll always end up with the right choice.

If you want to start your brainstorming early, let’s discuss a few of our top picks for garage door security!

Smart Garage Door Openers With Cameras

Liftmaster, one of our favorite garage door opener brands, has really outdone themselves when it comes to modernization. They’ve rolled out a line of garage door openers that not only have access from your smartphone but also have video capabilities!

The applications when it comes to convenience are limitless, as are the options for security. Being able to access your garage without actually being there indeed has major benefits.

Never Leave the Garage Open Again

That familiar lurch when you’re out with friends and realize you’ve left your garage door open you’ll never need to deal with it again! Because you can access your garage right from your phone, you can simply shut it down with the press of a button.

No need to spend the rest of the party fretting or to race home to close things up and deter would-be crooks; with smartphone access, keeping your garage safe is easier than ever.

Get a Handle on Crime and Help Bring Crooks to Justice

As anyone can tell you, things that go bump in the night usually aren’t something criminal that you need to worry about. Perhaps that noise you’re hearing is just a tree branch scraping against the house, for example, and not someone trying to break into your garage.

That being said, if you ignore a suspicious noise, you’re potentially opening your valuables up to theft – and theft from an unknown person, at that!

With a camera-aided garage door opener, though, you can easily identify if something is a concern or not without even leaving your seat, and you’ll have video evidence of the perpetrator should the police need to be called.

All that combined means that your garage will have the best-protected valuables in the entire neighborhood!

Pre-Programmed Opening and Closing Times

Life’s busy, and when you’re dashing from door to car and back again, your garage door might be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, unsupervised machines leave what’s inside ripe for the picking for thieves.

But you don’t need to add “monitoring your garage door” to your already massive list of to-do’s – Liftmaster’s garage door openers can be pre-programmed with an app to open and close your garage door at certain times.

If you know the kids get home from school at three thirty, have the garage door waiting open for them, without their needing to know the code and ask it to shut securely behind them. Have the garage door close right behind you after you leave for work, keeping what’s inside safe. Embrace worry-free security with a new garage door opener. 

Hands-Free Remote Access

Under Minnesota law, citizens cannot pick up their phones to use them while driving. While this is wonderful for keeping our streets safe, it does mean that, if you were to forget to close your garage door at an odd time, you’d have to find a safe space to pull off and do it, even with remote access from your phone.

This can be tricky and time-consuming to do, as even legal roads aren’t always safe. Plus, in Minnesota, stopping on the side of a highway or freeway in a non-emergency situation is illegal. That probably eliminates a good portion of your commute.

Enter hands-free remote access and the problem is eliminated. Certain garage door openers can link up with a vehicle’s infotainment system, meaning that you now have hands-free access to your garage even while on the road. Both you and your household belongings stay safe; it’s a win-win.

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