On some level, you’re no doubt familiar with the idea that taking care of things prolongs their working lives. Leather boots, when oiled and cleaned, will last for decades, far longer than if they were subject to neglect. Your car’s engine works better and for longer when you invest in regular oil changes and take it to a mechanic at the slightest strange noise—even your landscaping benefits from periodic weeding and pruning.


So why shouldn’t proper and regular maintenance improve the life of the garage door? Trick question: it does. Showing this integral part of your home’s exterior some extra love can go a long way when it comes to your satisfaction and appreciation of it. Why add your garage door to your home’s regular maintenance schedule?


●        You’ll save money in the long run on repairs | While an experienced garage door company like Door Power offers comprehensive garage door repair (and same-day service, in our case), those repairs will be a whole lot cheaper if you don’t allow simple fixes to snowball. Regular garage door maintenance and checkups ensure that simple fixes don’t turn into disasters, which often cost a fair bit more to fix than, say, a simple mechanical apparatus that just needs a little tweaking. Though we strive to keep all of our services affordable, this applies to pretty much all garage door installation companies out there. After all, a whole new garage door system is a fair bit more expensive than a couple of parts!

●        You’ll experience fewer service interruptions | Can you imagine having to trudge through a slick, snow-filled driveway after a long day of work, just to haul your garage door upward so you can park your car? While it’s certainly doable for many, nobody likes any more contact with the Minnesotan cold than they absolutely must endure—and seeing as winter is right around the corner (we know, we don’t like to think about it either!), you’ll want your garage door in tip-top shape before the cold hits. You’ll stay warm and toasty this cold season with a fully-functioning garage door, and one of the best ways to ensure this is periodic maintenance. Like we said above, you’ll catch and remedy little problems before they spiral into something dire.

●        You’ll enjoy a prettier garage door for years to come | Whether your preferred style is classic or carriage-house, your garage door is often the first thing people notice as they walk up to or drive by your property. Garage doors tend to contrast boldly with the surrounding trim and siding—of course, people will take notice! When you periodically take care of your garage door’s appearance (which is a form of maintenance in and of itself), you’ll have a home that makes a great first impression and one that you can take pride in.


As you can see, it’s important to keep up with your garage door’s maintenance for monetary, service-related, and aesthetic reasons. You’d frankly be silly not to! However, it often isn’t common knowledge of how to take care of a garage door. It’s not like homeowners sit around talking in excess about it. Luckily, Door Power, a Norwood provider of everything from residential garage door installation to commercial garage door installation, is here with some handy tips to begin this lifelong process.


●        Give your garage door a nice wash every now and again | Though it might be tempting to break out that pressure washer and blast the grime to bits, be careful; certain garage door types simply aren’t made to withstand that much-concentrated force. Look into your individual garage door type and take note of the best cleaning methods for it before beginning the task. As always, work safely! If you’re using high-powered machines, don the proper safety gear and make sure you’re 100% comfortable working with the said machine before you put the rubber to the road, so to speak.

●        Check over your garage door’s hardware | Do you see loose bolts or things moving that shouldn’t be? A keen eye and a bit of time are all that’s required to catch these sorts of problems and call a professional to fix them. Never try DIY garage door repair, as you’re working with a complicated and powerful machine capable of causing severe injury should one wrong “repair” be made.

●        Monitor for any additional abnormalities | Is your garage door suddenly screeching? Does it hitch and shudder when it opens and closes? Your garage door is an innovatively constructed machine that, under ideal conditions, should function relatively quietly and seamlessly. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, the professionals at Door Power can be at your home to provide same-day service and get this integral part of your home’s exterior working like new again.

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