Garage doors: they’re something we often take for granted. How frequently have you pulled into your driveway after a long day at work, pressed the button on your garage door opener, and wondered at how amazingly convenient such a device makes your life? Not very frequently, if you’re like many homeowners! In fact, many people don’t notice that their garage door is failing until it’s seriously ailing—and when things get to that point, they can get pretty nasty. For example, a spring breaks resulting in horrible property damage or injury and requiring a pretty penny in repair costs. These repair costs won’t just come from your garage door company; they’ll come from your dent repair specialists and even your doctors, should a person be unfortunate enough to be caught underneath a garage door that failed.


As convenient and wonderful as garage doors are, it’s crucial that you, as a homeowner, learn how to detect when this so-often taken-for-granted system might be in need of a little TLC. After all, garage door repair does more than keeping such a labor-saving device going strong. It protects your family and your belongings from harm, which saves you bills and trouble in the future. Repair from a residential garage door installation company is not only an investment in convenience but an investment in the overall well-being of you and your family.


Of course, learning about your garage door and how it works might sound nice in theory, but you might feel as though there are countless obstacles standing in your way. First, garage doors, to the layperson, are indeed complicated devices; why else would professionals in this industry exist? Just learning the difference in functionalities between a garage door cable and a garage door spring is a quest on its own. Plus, because garage doors are multifaceted items, a problem with one area might easily mimic a problem in another, so becoming well-versed in garage door parts and how they work are essential for you to properly diagnose problems—and familiarizing yourself with something and becoming an expert are two very different things, one of which is vastly more complicated and time-consuming process.


It’s time to take the complexity out of garage door repair; Door Power of Norwood is here to help. Below, we’ll make it easy to know when there’s a problem with your garage door so that you can call the garage door repair experts and get things fixed in a jiffy.

Learn the Basics of Garage Door Health

A healthy garage door does everything you ask of it when you ask it. Of course, there may be slight differences in functionalities and speeds between models, but generally speaking, most of these machines are obedient and willing. If your garage door starts to get fussy, that’s a sure sign that there’s an issue a professional needs to resolve.


Of course, “fussy” can mean many things to many people. Here are a few signs that your garage door is in need of some attention from a garage door repair company.


●        Your garage door makes a lot of noise | What’s wrong with a little noise, you might ask? Certainly, it doesn’t affect your garage door’s ability to open and shut, so why be so worried about it? While we at Door Power admire your practical mindset and acknowledge that noise, to some, isn’t a huge issue in and of itself, it should always be treated as such because it can signal the underlying presence of a bigger mechanical problem. Older models might do their fair share of squealing as they open, but if your previously tight-lipped garage door suddenly becomes a chatterbox, it’s a near surefire sign that something much more dangerous is amiss.

●        Your garage door jerks or shudders upon opening | Again, while you might not think much of this—the thing still gets open, after all—just like with noise concerns, this issue can signal something much more sinister. Garage doors are made to operate smoothly, to open and shut without much fanfare. Ergo, if your garage door seems to be struggling to maintain a consistent pace as it does its thing, something is probably mechanically wrong.

●        Your garage door’s appearance has seen better days | Holes from rust or other damage are more than just an aesthetic concern; they allow the elements to access your automobiles and anything else you may store in your garage, rendering the space’s protective properties much less effective than they once were. Get a garage door repair service out to your property ASAP and take back your garage from Minnesota’s nasty weather.

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