Did you know a home burglary occurs every 18 seconds in the United States? And though modern garage doors are designed with safety and security in mind, they’re often a target for thieves when homeowners fail to take the proper precautions.


Even if you live in a safe, secure neighborhood, it’s important to keep in mind that most burglars live within a two-mile radius of their intended target. To help you better protect your garage and home from criminal intrusion, our experts at Door Power outline helpful tips to secure your garage door.  


Change Your Garage Door Opener Codes

One easy way to help safeguard access to your garage is to change the opener codes on a rotating basis. Simply setting a reminder in your calendar to choose a new code every few months (or at intervals that suit your needs) can greatly increase the security of both your garage and your home.


Certain garage door openers also feature rolling-code technology, which changes the door’s access code after every use. Such openers are a great option for homeowners in areas that are prone to theft or those who know they won’t remember to alter the code regularly. 


Keep Your Opener Out of Sight

If you keep a garage door opener inside your vehicle, make sure you stow the opener out of sight. Thieves frequently break into vehicles to snatch garage door openers and access homes. Plus, just a glance at your vehicle registration or insurance card will give a thief all the information he or she needs to find your house. However, if a thief can’t readily see your opener, he or she is less likely to go after it. Tinting your vehicle windows can also help conceal the contents of your automobile.


Repair Damage Promptly

Even minor issues with your garage door can make your home more vulnerable to break-ins. That’s why it’s critical that you routinely inspect your garage door for signs of damage and normal wear and tear. Here’s what you should check:


●        Weatherstripping

●        Safety sensors

●        Garage door balance

●        Pulleys, lifting cables, and hinges

●        Garage door tracks and rollers

●        Springs


If you notice any deterioration or functionality issues, contact a garage door repair specialist who can further inspect the problem. Attending to minor issues promptly helps ensure your garage door provides a secure barrier against theft.


Implement a Side Lock

A side lock cannot be manually unlocked from the outside, nor can it be opened with an electronic garage door opener. Installing a manual side lock inside your garage affords you additional protection against intrusion, especially when you plan to be away from home for extended periods. You don’t have to lock the door after each use, but it’s never a bad idea to set it when you’re at work or out and about. Keep in mind most household burglaries occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


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