Most of us don’t think about our garage doors until something goes awry—but that’s a dangerous mistake to make. At Door Power, we know every garage door has a finite life, and though routine maintenance and repairs will help keep the door safe and functional, you can’t put off new garage installation forever. If you think your door might be approaching the end of its functional life, keep an eye (or ear) out for the following signs: 


Unusually Noisy Operation

Every garage door makes noise during operation, that’s normal. But when the noise level starts climbing a few decibels, it’s time for an inspection. Unusually loud operation is a sure sign of deterioration, and in some cases, a simple component replacement might solve the problem. If, however, you hear excessive grinding, creaking, cracking, shaking, or squealing during operation, don’t ignore the problem! Contact our team for a garage door inspection as soon as you notice strange noises so we can advise you on the best course of action.


Deteriorating Appearance

While it’s certainly nice to have a visually pleasing garage door, there’s more to your door’s appearance than meets the eye. While minor dings and dents usually won’t compromise the door’s performance, major damage certainly will.


If you’ve accidentally rammed your vehicle’s bumper into the door one too many times, large dents can slow down its operation, or even prevent it from functioning altogether. To maintain your curb appeal and keep your vehicle protected from the outside elements, replace your garage door as soon as you notice moderate to major damage.


Missing Safety Features

Modern garage doors come equipped with a variety of valuable safety features that keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. But if you own an older garage door, chances are it doesn’t feature the safety mechanisms that you and your family desperately need. If you own a manually operated door, the same idea holds true: lacking garage door safety features is essentially begging for an accident to happen. Here are the safety components every garage should have:


●        Photo-eye sensors

●        Auto-reverse functionality

●        Motion detection

●        Manual override controls


Having a security keypad and remote access are also desirable features, but necessarily paramount for safety. If your garage door lacks any of the above features, it’s well past time to start shopping for a replacement. Though, in some cases, you may be able to have a garage door repair technician retrofit your door with the appropriate features.


Irreparable Damage

A damaged garage door is a dangerous garage door, so if you’re dealing with more than one broken component, that’s a solid sign your door is wearing past the point of repair. With normal daily use, the average garage has a lifespan of around 15-30 years, and as it approaches the end of its usable life, you’ll likely notice signs of damage and deterioration. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:


●        Broken springs

●        Damaged or rusting hinges

●        Deteriorating cables or wires

●        Damaged or broken door handles

●        Rusty screws and other hardware

●        Damaged or dented garage door tracks


Even something as seemingly harmless as rust can eventually cause your garage door to malfunction. And when you’re dealing with a ridiculously heavy door that can seriously injure someone in the event of a malfunction, don’t ever allow deterioration to persist unchecked. Rather than attempting to replace all the aging components on an elderly garage door, it’s best to opt for a new one—your safety is at stake.


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