Purchasing a commercial garage door is vastly different than purchasing a residential garage door. As a business owner, you likely have high-traffic bays and must seriously consider the quality and longevity of your garage door options. While commercial garage doors are significantly more durable than their residential counterparts, they’re still subject to wear-and-tear as a result of constant use.


At Door Power, we install commercial garage doors that are no higher than 12 feet, so if you require doors for a large hangar or similar structure, this information may not apply to you. If, however, you’re in the market for a mid-size commercial door, here are a few important considerations:


How Often Will the Garage Door Be Used?

Do you own a high-traffic facility? If so, you’ll need to consider that in your commercial garage door installation. Steel sectional doors are perhaps the toughest doors on the market and require minimal maintenance due to their heavy-duty construction. They’re also energy-efficient, which will help you cut down on heating and cooling costs, and they withstand extreme weather conditions very well. Depending on your business needs, you may also want to consider high-speed doors as they are typically durable and weather-resistant as well.


For lower-traffic facilities, aluminum doors are typically suitable. While they’re less durable than steel, they boast lightweight construction and considerable strength. When it comes to aesthetics, aluminum commercial garage doors top the list, so when design plays into your door selection, aluminum is a great choice.


Should Your Garage Door Be Fireproof?

Does your business work with heavy machinery, open flame, or hazardous and flammable materials? If so, you likely have stringent fire protection and safety protocols in place. To meet the fire code for your building, a fireproof commercial garage door installation is the obvious choice.


For schools, hospitals, and other care facilities, fireproof doors offer an extra layer of protection. When your building is charged with the care and protection of others, a fireproof door can offer extra peace of mind. One thing to note: fireproof commercial garage doors typically have a lower R-rating. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency or maintaining a constant temperature, these doors may not be the most suitable option.



Do You Need an Insulated Door?

A commercial garage door’s R-value denotes the level of insulation it provides. If you must maintain a constant temperature in your commercial building, you’ll need a door with a high R-value. Steel garage doors naturally offer more insulation than other materials, with a typical R-value rating of R10. However, many commercial garage doors can be fitted with extra insulation to suit your needs.


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