If your garage door has become hard to move or won't move at all, you may fear that an expensive replacement is on the horizon. However, it’s likely that this will not be necessary at all. Instead, the problem could be one of the most easily overlooked parts of a garage door system: the track.

Garage Door Tracks are Simple, but Crucial Parts

The tracks your garage door's rollers ride through are two of the most important parts of the system, but it's easy to overlook them. They're not flashy, and due to their locations, the eye doesn't naturally fall on them. This, however, doesn't mean they can be ignored forever.


Over the years, sand, dirt, and other grit often accumulates in the tracks. Then, the rollers can't roll through them very well. If your garage door has slowly become stiffer over time, this is usually the problem. A related problem is the wearing of the rollers themselves, which is accelerated when they have to be forced through gritty tracks.


Fixing this problem is simple: the tracks are cleaned out. The garage door's rollers are also examined, and if they have become worn, they're replaced. Our techs can fix these issues with just a short service visit.

Track Problems also Cause Sudden Jams

Due to their positions at the sides of the door, it's easy for garage door tracks to be dented by people who drive a bit too far to one side. Even a slight bump with a small vehicle can cause a pinch in one of the tracks, which will stop the rollers on that side of the door from being able to pass through.


In most cases, pinched garage door tracks are brought back into their proper positions through the use of specialized tools. If the damage is severe, or the track material isn't cooperative, the tracks are replaced instead.


Fortunately, even if damaged tracks need replacement, the cost is far lower than that of a new door or a new garage door opener. Therefore, you should not hesitate to call for service. Fast service will restore the security of your garage and home as well as stop the inconvenience of having an unusable door.


To have us come out and diagnose your hard-to-move or stuck garage door and give you a quote on a repair, just call us at Door Power Sales and Service in Chanhassen, MN. Our number is (952) 467-3199, and we serve the entire Twin Cities area.