If you’re getting ready to call Door Power for a residential garage door installation, one of the core decisions you will make is whether to purchase a garage door with or without the windows. Garage door windows provide lots of features and benefits. They also present a few challenges. If you decide you don’t want windows initially, you can call us to install them at a later date. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of garage door windows.


Here are a few reasons why adding windows to your garage door is a good idea:


●        Natural Light. Natural light is as valuable in the garage as it is anywhere else. It improves visibility during the day without using electricity. It can also add warmth to your garage during the winter by letting the sun to shine through.

●        Aesthetics. Garage door windows add a decorative touch to your overall window design. We can install doors with windows that now align horizontally or vertically. There are other patterns that you can choose from as well.

●        Cohesive Design. Garage door windows add to the overall design of your home. They naturally look like a part of the exterior instead of an addition.


Here are a few reasons why adding windows to your garage door may not be a good idea:


●        Privacy. Neighbors or strangers can see inside the garage. Burglars have easier access to get to the garage door lock by breaking through the windows.

●        Less Efficient. Windows provide less insulation than the material inside a garage door. Although they do let in sunlight, they also have a low R-value rating. They offer little protection against UV rays or extreme temperatures.

Other Garage Door Window Considerations

If you decide to invest in garage door windows, we recommend that you spend a little more and go with higher quality windows and frames. Polypropylene frames are among the most durable types of material. They will maintain a tight seal between the frame and the glass to eliminate drafts or moisture. Choose doors with real glass. A glass surface is far more scratch-resistant than imitation glass. If you want to maintain privacy and security, then try implementing tint or frost onto the glass.

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