A garage door is heavy. Therefore, it is not safe for children. There are several ways to safeguard your garage door to avoid injury or fatality when your children are around.


Door Power is committed to helping you maintain a safe garage door environment. We offer industry-approved garage door products combined with superior installation and repair. Below, are some garage door features that help you childproof your garage door.


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Garage Door Auto-Reverse

Modern garage doors are equipped with an auto-reverse feature that keeps the door from closing if a child gets in the way. We place the sensors in low areas that trigger the door and put it in reverse if a small child lingers or walks past the door.

Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensors

If you have an older garage door made before 1993, we can upgrade it by adding photo-eye sensors. The sensors monitor the movement that occurs directly below the door. High-range, keen sensors instantly stop the door and put it into reverse if they detect the slightest movement.

Door Locks

Door locks prohibit a child from having access to the garage door. Although toddlers do not have the strength to open a garage door, a group of children may be able to open it. If the garage door is locked, it is impossible for a child to open the door from the outside.


You may want to consider purchasing automated locks that you can activate from a home panel or a phone app. No matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about the child opening the door.

Reposition the Door Opener

Your child can reach a door opener if you installed it too low. A Door Power technician can reposition the door opener high enough so that a child cannot reach it. Modern garage door panels contain built-in locks and codes that prohibit children from opening the door when they push the button. Garage door phone apps also offer the same feature.

Seal Door Panel Gaps with Rubber

It’s easy for a child to lodge their tiny fingers between door panel gaps. Sticking a finger in a gap can lead to a severe injury. We can install rubber seals along the sides of the door. The seals will prevent children from sticking the fingers in the door openings. We can customize the seal to fit your unique garage door style.

Door Power Can Childproof Your Garage Door

If you are concerned about your child’s safety around your garage door, then contact Door Power today. We can inspect your door and identify crucial areas that might compromise your kid’s safety. We offer garage door repair, installation, inspections, and ongoing maintenance in the Twin Cities metro area.


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