If your like thousands of other homeowners, you probably keep your home’s heaviest valuables in the garage. While thieves may have trouble stealing your car, your bench press or your tool stand, they can still cause financial damage if they’re let in.

Your garage door might seem like it’s a high-strength, durable sheet of metal—but it’ll make your valuables vulnerable if you don’t take a few security precautions. All too often, the garage is forgotten. Don’t leave your lawnmower, power tools or vehicle exposed. Take charge with the following garage security tips.

Security Tip One: Cover the Windows

Regardless of how strong your windows are, they’re still windows. Reduce the theft incentive, and install blinds or curtains. Or, apply an opaque film over the glass. You can still let light in while keeping prying eyes out.

Security Tip Two: Install a Garage Security Lock

Next, you should double down on your garage door’s security. It should be as secure as your other doors. If you want to halt potential intruders, you’ll need to make sure your garage door can be securely locked. Install a deadbolt, or multiple locks, and top it off with either a padlock or programmable lock.

Security Tip Three: Install a Garage Timer

Sometimes, life gets in the way. If you’re constantly running in and out, you might be forgetting to put the door down. If your garage is open, it’s inviting prowling thieves. Install a garage timer. A garage timer signals your garage door opener to close once a set amount of time has passed. You can pre-program this time, making sure your garage is never left open for too long.

Security Tip Four: Set Up Motion Detection Lights

You may have motion detection lights installed in your backyard, already. If you’re aiming for a cable replacement, spring replacement or track replacement job, consider using the time to install motion detection lights around the garage, too. Among the many safety features you can install, motion detection lights are among the best.

Security Tip Five: Consistent Repair

Talk to your provider, and get your garage door opener, cables and springs checked out. You’d be surprised how often garage doors are damaged from high winds, cold weather and small dents. By having your garage door professionally examined—and examined frequently—you can make sure it’s always in tip-top shape, security-wise.

Browse home security systems, too. While not centric to your garage area, home security systems can boost your home’s overall defense. Take the time, and make sure your household’s safety features are top notch.