You probably know that after a summer storm you should do a thorough check-over of your roof and siding—but don’t leave your garage door out of the equation!

While it might not be as vulnerable to, say, hail, as your roof and siding are, it still can take quite a bit of damage from wayward tree branches and high winds. Considering that it’s both a huge aesthetic and energy-saving part of your home, it definitely deserves your attention!

Plus, though such high winds here are rare, if your garage door is completely removed from your home, your garage, walls, and even roof become vulnerable to the damage the storm wouldn’t otherwise be subjected to.

Door Power is here to help protect your family and home. As residential garage door installation and garage door repair pros, we’re experts in protecting this valuable asset from harsh weather. Below, you’ll find a brief guide to garage doors and storm damage—what to look for and what to do to prevent it from happening.

After the Storm

Tornado season is upon us, and while your neighborhood narrowly avoided the worst of the storm, you still got some pretty heavy rain and hail last night. High winds shook your house like an earthquake! After you’ve gone out and inspected the yard for damage—and probably cleaned up the impromptu tree-trimming job you just received—you turn to your garage door.

From afar, it may look fine, but get up close before declaring it so. Storm damage can be quite hard to spot in some models.

Denting: Deceivingly Demure

Obviously, if your garage door looks like it’s been hit by a bus, you’ve got issues. But smaller dings, such as hail damage, can be harder to spot—simply because, at first, you might not be looking for them, seeing as hail is heavy and tends to fall straight down. But high winds can wage an assault on your garage door with hailstones as the perfect ammunition, so it pays, again, to get up close.

Most commonly, hail damage is seen in the form of

●        Dings

●        Small dents

●        Miniscule scratches

What’s the big deal about a little dent? You might be thinking. So long as your garage door is mostly intact, you’re still protected—right?

For now, maybe, but these minor cosmetic issues will weaken your garage door’s integrity over time. The longer they’re left alone, the more likely water, and thus rust, is to work through the protective coatings and set up shop. So while a few dings aren’t an emergency, per se, you definitely want to get a garage door company to your property ASAP to get them fixed up.

Incidentally, that’s not an issue with Door Power; our team frequently can offer you same-day service!

Handling the Mechanical

Dents to your garage door are usually initially cosmetic—but mechanical damage immediately changes the way that the garage door functions. After a severe storm, you might find yourself not even able to open it!

If you’re ever unsure about why your garage door isn’t working, give your garage door company a call. Let the professionals attend to this machine; the risk of injury is too high to justify doing otherwise.

For the sake of education, though, here are a few nonexhaustive issues that your garage door can throw at you after a storm:

●        Bent panels

●        Coming off the tracks

●        Damaged garage door openers from power surges

 To do a broad check for mechanical issues, disconnect your garage door from the opener and attempt to lift it yourself. If you encounter any resistance or your garage door seems heavy, stop immediately! This means that something is definitely amiss and you need a garage door company out STAT to fix the problem safely.

Preventative Action

At Door Power, we’re big on stopping problems before they start—it’s why we’re so thorough when we do garage door repair and maintenance. When it comes to storm damage, too, there’s plenty you can do to protect your garage door from a summer storm’s wrath:

●        Keep trees and bushes well-trimmed to avoid unexpected projectiles

●        Install a new garage door if yours is getting old—new models are often designed to be tougher

●        Reinforce everything from garage door tracks to hinges—your garage door company can help you with this

The biggest part of preventive action, though, is having a pro perform regular inspections on your garage door. Storms have a way of capitalizing on even the smallest ailment, using it to completely complicate what would otherwise have been a simple fix.

Door Power: Your Partners in Great Garage Doors

We know these machines from their individual parts to their overall functions, and combined with our speedy service and down-home vibes, this makes us the obvious choice for all of your garage door needs. Keep your garage door strong against summer weather and give our Norwood office a call today at 952-467-3199.