In the age of pressure washers and internet how-to’s, it’s easy to think that cleaning your garage door is a straightforward process. Perhaps, in some senses of the word, it is. Getting the job done right doesn’t take more than a few tools you have at home and some elbow grease.

But take it from a garage door company: Truly cleaning your garage door is a bit more multifaceted than just hosing off the front!

Door Power, your Norwood garage door installation experts, has a few tips below on how to get your garage door looking spick and span—both inside and out.

Handling the Exterior

As the pretty much sole part of your garage door that passersby take note of, and as a major influence on your home’s overall look, the exterior of your garage door of course deserves your attention. Making it sparkle is quite simple.

1.      Spray down your garage door with a hose to save yourself some time.

2.      Have your soap handy; for metal models, a similar type to your car-washing-go-to should suffice, but wood models require gentler fare.

3.      Using a car-washing mitt (or a sponge, if you’re on a budget) and circular motions, scrub off the remaining dirt.

4.      Rinse with a hose once more.

5.      Steel doors only: With spray wax and a cloth, begin in an upper corner and work your way across and down to wax and polish your door.

6.      Tidy up seals and weatherstripping with a general-purpose cleaner.

That’s it! There isn’t much else to it. Straightforward indeed, but also multi-step and a process that’s not typically given its due diligence.

However, as easy as the job is, there’s a whole laundry list of things you shouldn’t do when cleaning your garage door’s exterior that are frequently ignored, either out of ignorance or because they simply seem too convenient to pass up. These methods won’t just give you a subpar clean in many cases; they might also damage the integrity of the garage door itself!

Pressure Washers Are a No-Go

Sure, they might seem like a good idea—who doesn’t love the thought of getting a tedious job done in one high-powered swoop? However, in many cases, using such a harsh device isn’t necessary, unless you’ve got some serious grime caked on your garage door. Even in that case, you might want to think twice; pressure washing is a great way to void your garage door’s warranty.

Mind What Detergent You Use

We mentioned earlier that wooden garage doors require a softer touch than metal models do to clean, but regardless, you should be careful what you put on your garage door. As hardy as it is, it’s not invincible!

Clear all cleaning materials used with your garage door repair pros before you use it, as all models and all cleaning products are unique. Door Power would be happy to provide you with advice, so don’t be afraid to drop us a line.

Check Over Your Wood Garage Door Before Getting it Wet

Wood garage doors need refinishing on a periodic basis to keep them strong against the elements. Introduce water to a cracked veneer and you risk damaging the door beneath! Refinishing should always take priority over your regular cleaning schedule.

Handling the Interior

Even though it’s not as attention-grabbing as your garage door’s exterior, it’s inner workings (your garage door spring, your garage door track, etc.) still deserve your attention. You’ll hear about it—sometimes literally—if you neglect them!

Not only that, but your garage door can’t serve your family as you deserve without proper maintenance, so be sure to give the following a once-over now and again.

Your Garage Door Tracks

These are the metal structures that keep the garage door on the same path day in and day out. If grime builds up there and hardens, it would obviously be harder for your garage door to open and shut!

Scrubbing this feature out with an old toothbrush is a great way to freshen it up. Check it out every time you clean your garage door to stay on top of things.

Your Garage Door Springs

Cleaning these guys actually means getting them a little dirty—with grease! Because they endure a lot of friction day in and day out, they need to be well-lubricated in order to do their jobs.

Look for the cylindrical, coil-shaped structure above your head and spray it with a garage-door-company-approved product as often as directed. Be sure to follow their recommended safety precautions, too.

Door Power: Your Community’s Garage Door Pros

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